It’s Nice That

I was previously one of the editors of It's Nice That. During my time there I wrote 1769 articles

Here are some highlights

Iceland's Pagan head chief on the country's first Pagan temple in 1000 years
In Praise of the New Yorker’s Cover Story
An interview with Miranda July on love, books, babies and systems
Jack Mills on meeting Mariah Carey
An interview with The Clash's Paul Simonon
An interview with art editor of the Paris Review Charlotte Strick
Alister Mackie on shooting a cover
The longest running Bob Dylan fanzine
An interview with nomadic photographer John Kilar
An interview with 1960s photographer Jerry de Wilde
The Psychedelic Sex Book
Isn’t it Time the Illustration World had a bit of a kick up the arse?
An interview with Yes logo designer Roger Dean
Behind the scenes on The Pitchfork review's Bjork shoot
An interview with Brown Cardigan

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Rough Trade Magazine
Issues I edited of Rough Trade Magazine

Rough Trade Radio
Podcasts I have commissioned and recorded for Rough Trade Radio

AnOther Magazine
Articles I've written for AnOther

Dazed Digital
Articles I've written for Dazed

Freunde Von Freunden
An interview with prolific Berlin illustrator Christoph Niemann
Modern Globetrotters: Exploring the great outdoors in style

The British Journal of Photography
Unseen Polaroids from the heyday of Andy Warhol’s Factory

Agent Pekka
All the artist bios and copy for Agent Pekka's beautiful new website

The Correspondent
A selection of articles for The Correspondent: a newspaper put together by dn&co for The Crown

The Debrief
My Life Began When I Threw Out My Uncomfortable Underwear
What to Buy in Autumn If You Almost Exclusively Wear Men's Clothes

A piece about the difficult second issue of a magazine and an interview with Weapons of Reason editor James Cartwright

An interview with Hort's Eike Konig

Stripes Earned: A profile of London's best immersive space designers, Plaid

Literally the Best Thing Ever: Chris Ware

A love letter to Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused


Columbia Calling: The incredible story of Don Hunstein, Columbia Records’ in-house photographer
Who actually reads these? Reviewing the world's most niche magazines
How The British Museum caters for its blind visitors
Doing It Differently: Putting Tavi Gevinson and Minna Gilligan in Conversation
Being Lasagne Del Rey: An interview with Jaime Warren
An interview with Katharina Grosse

Why I think design festivals are boring

An interview with art director of The New Yorker, Francoise Mouly
An interview with Director of Frieze New York, Frieze Masters and Frieze, Victoria Siddall
An interview with 13-year-old astronaut-in-training, Alyssa Carson
Wise Words: Six incredible women look back on their careers
An interview with New York filmmakers Purple Milk

Contribution to the second issue of the spectacular Amuseum